Weekly Update Blog

In a fast-paced sector constantly changing, our members need regular information and updates on policy changes, government priorities, research, and program updates. That’s why our Executive Director posts a sector update each week for all of our members. Those posts appear here the following week.

On Being a Leader: A Leadership 2020 Update

This week’s Federation update is coming to you from our Director of Programs and Services, Rebecca Ataya-Lang, who is overseeing the Leadership 2020 program. A simple but powerful question Those of you who are history buffs will know that Helen of Troy was famously described by the playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe as the face that […]

2018 Select Standing Committee Presentation

Below is The Federation’s presentation to the 2018 Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. You can learn more about the committee, the consultation process, and how to make a submission here. Any Federation members needing assistance preparing are encouraged to contact Rebecca at The Federation office. We’re here to help! 2018 Select Standing […]

Caring for our clients, caring for ourselves

One of the things we’ve been hearing a lot from members over the past few years is that the people you serve are dealing with increasingly complex issues. More and more—regardless of service area—you are required to support their mental health in addition to their various other needs. Programs serving young children and families are needing to […]

Make Your Voice Heard: The Select Standing Committee Consultations

It’s been a little over a year since the BC NDP formed its minority government with the support of the BC Green Party. Over that time, our new government has begun to address some of our province’s long-standing issues and has made good on some of its key promises. But there are also significant issues […]

Expanding Our Reach: Staff Sign-Up Contest

As The Federation strives to meet the needs of our members (and to respond to the complexity inherent in the social care sector), the content, services, and supports we are creating and sharing with members are increasingly valuable and relevant to staff other than just an organization’s Executive Director. Our recent outreach regarding the Employer Health […]

CRA Ruling and Charities: An Update

Earlier this month, we shared details of an important ruling made by the Ontario Superior Court that struck down restrictions related to charities and political activities. (You can read that update to members here.) Last week, the picture changed somewhat. A joint statement by the Minister of National Revenue and the Minister of Finance established the federal […]

Research Bulletin August 2018: Seniors and Aging

This month’s research bulletin is sharing research, reviews, analyses, and evaluations on issues related to seniors and aging. This is a broad area of interest so we cast a big net and have pulled together resources and reports on a range of topics relevant to those serving, supporting and caring for seniors: poverty, transportation, social […]

The Canada Revenue Agency, charities, and political activities

Earlier this month, the Ontario Superior Court passed a ground-breaking ruling that struck down restrictions related to charities and political activities. Prior to this ruling, organizations that publicly criticized or recommended changes to laws and policies risked losing their charitable status. The court’s ruling has lifted the chilling threat that has been hanging over the work of […]

The Research to Practice Network: A long-term study on street-Involved youth

In November, I had the privilege of announcing the return of The Federation’s Research to Practice Network. Now, six months later, we are excited to begin sharing the articles and summaries that have been contributed by our Associate Members, post-secondaries, and other research bodies. “I feel like I’ve really grown up” The first article, by a […]

Poverty Reduction in BC

Last week, the BC government released a report called What We Heard About Poverty in BC. It reflects the feedback collected from thousands of people across the province who participated in the poverty reduction consultations over the past year. Those people brought forward a wide range of experiences, ideas, opinions, comments, and suggestions about how […]